Slow Down, Be Alert and Save a Life!
Susquehanna Service Dogs

Who We Are


Susquehanna Service Dogs trains and provides service dogs and hearing dogs to assist children and adults to become more independent.




What We Do


SSD trains service dogs, hearing dogs, balance dogs, service dogs for service men and women, facility dogs, in-home service dogs and companion dogs. Each dog is specially trained to perform specific tasks.




The Dogs


Susquehanna Service Dogs makes sure that each of our dogs is healthy and has the right temperament to be a service dog. We use specially bred dogs that come from our breeding program, other assistance dog organizations or individual breeders. Each dog receives an in-depth health screening, is neutered or spayed and undergoes a rigorous training program. Before being placed with a partner, the dog must display excellent manners at home and in public and perform a variety of specific behaviors and tasks on cue. Each dog is specially trained in specific tasks according to their partner’s needs. A service dog can open and close doors, retrieve various items, pull a manual wheelchair, find the phone, do balance work, turn light switches on and off and much more. Hearing dogs respond to different sounds, which include a knock, the doorbell, oven timer, alarm clock, telephone and the person’s name.




Owen's Litter


Owen's Litter was named in honor or our Dear Owen and each of the dogs have names beginning with the letter "O".  We took your requests for names and came up with the top ones for the litter.  It is an honor that this Litter will continue to grow and help others. 

Please continue to check back to see how the dogs are doing.






More information about SSD can be found at:


Opal (Mom)

Obie - 12/15/13

* Flying out Saturday to Canine Partners of Rockies, Aurora CO


Odella - 12/15/13

* Leaving January 2nd or 3rd for St. Francis Service Dogs,

  Roanoke VA


Odette - 12/15/13

* Flying mid-January to PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assisted Life

  Service, SC)


Oboe - 12/15/13

* Staying with SSD


Orlando - 12/15/13

* Staying with SSD


Olympia - 12/15/13

* Matched with a family that lost a 19 year old son.  The family's hope

   is to raise Olympia for a client with a psychiatric disorder.


* Had eye surgery 12/17/13 and recovering nicely.